EverClean: Revolutionising Biofouling Management

Greensea IQ presents a ground-breaking solution for in-water hull cleaning.

Biofouling poses a significant threat to operational efficiency, directly impacting a vessel’s hydrodynamic performance and increasing emissions. 

Traditional hull cleaning methods rely solely on divers to remove bio foul, a lengthy operation which requires optimal weather conditions and demands all systems be deactivated and locked to reduce risk of injury, putting the ship out of action for hours at a time. Even with these measures in place, risk to the diver cannot be fully eliminated, and with safety being paramount in maritime industries, manual cleaning is simply no longer fit for purpose.

Enter the EverClean biofouling management solution: a game-changer in maintaining vessel performance. 

By preventing the hydrodynamic drag caused by bio foul, this innovative system reduces emissions, promoting both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. Using Oculus multibeam imaging sonar for navigation and situational awareness, the EverClean system can be remotely piloted to a ship’s hull. Once in contact with the vessel, the system works autonomously to remove bio foul from the body of the ship.

This solution operates on a preventive model, using soft brushes to remove slime before macro foul, such as barnacles, start to attach. This gentle yet effective approach promotes longevity of hull life and enables ships to operate with increased efficiency of an estimated 25%.

This innovation in biofouling management isn't just about cleaning ships; it's about transforming maritime maintenance by prioritising efficiency, sustainability and safety.

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