SeaTrac D010

High accuracy USBL Diver Positioning System.

Introducing the all-new SeaTrac D010 Diver Positioning System,  specifically engineered to offer an advanced positioning solution for commercial and combat divers.

Utilised for remote underwater tracking for over ten years, SeaTrac systems are an undeniable asset for subsea positioning.

The latest development in the SeaTrac line, the D010 Diver Beacon features the same precision tracking capability with a range of additional functions, designed to improve dive safety and increase topside awareness.

Intuitive Tracking Software features a visual diver position display and enables the operator to input fully customisable geofence and depth alarms, providing complete situational awareness should a diver stray from their intended course.

The D010 Diver Beacon is durable and compact, with a quick mount holster and in-built battery for seamless installation. Equipped with a diver distress cord, the D010 enables divers to efficiently alert surface operatives should they need emergency support.

Each D010 Diver Beacon System includes a wireless charging case containing 6 SeaTrac D010 beacons. Additional beacons can be bought separately.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the SeaTrac Base System. A single topside X150 transponder can communicate with unlimited D010 beacons within a 1000m range, delivering real-time diver location data for improved mission safety.

With the ability to track multiple assets simultaneously, the D010 Diver Positioning System is an indispensable safety tool for military operations and commercial dive schools.


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